My wife, our three children, and I have lived in the St. Paul area for nearly 30  years.  We lived in St. Paul for 5 years; Little Canada for 15 years and Roseville for 10 years.  Our housing has always been modest, but livable.  We have NEVER had problems in our housing experiences with insect or rodent infestations! After our three children left home,  we wanted to move to a smaller one bedroom apartment.  After considerable searching,  we found a one bedroom in the Longfellow area managed which was modestly priced in a diverse, friendly neighborhood. There were a few minor repairs which the rental agent assured us would be completed before our move in a month later. We moved in on June 1st and noticed the repairs had not been done.  We notified the landlord numerous times.  After nearly two months, a few of the repairs were made.  In August,  after two cockroach exterminators, bed bugs were discovered.  Devastated, we had to trash our mattress, dressers and other personal items and incur considerable expense in washing and bagging clothes, books, pet items  (we have 2 cats), etc. We were forced to vacate our apartment for six hours because of the bedbug extermination.  No accommodations were provided by the landlord.  In addition, the extermination procedure was supposed to have a follow up examination 4 to 6 weeks later to assure complete elimination of the bed bugs. This was not done! We have had problems with exterior door locks not working and not repaired for which we pay for false security; heating not working; neighbors who have mice infestations, laundry room vandalism, etc. I have personally visited other units under said landlord which are comparable or worse!

No one should have to endure such poor living conditions while paying rent.  Such an owner should be forced to compensate tenants for their losses and injuries and, in my opinion, stripped of their property management licenses until all their properties are habitable and in compliance with ALL city housing codes.