As the Zapatistas say, “we want a world where many worlds fit.”

Our vision is to create a housing system that works for everyone, a world in which renters direct city development.

Inquilinxs Unidxs(IX) will:

  • Educate ourselves to be able to advocate and assert our rights
  • Legally protect through casework (including letters to landlords and housing court actions) to assure that everyone lives and plays in dignified spaces
  • Organize from below and to the left to empower a base of Minneapolis tenants against slum conditions
  • Demand accountability through direct action, such as protests
  • Reclaim the narrative about renters through public storytelling
  • Transform by struggling together in organizing for a larger cause
  • Create policy at the state, city, and federal levels that protect renters and guarantees the rights of the poor
  • Construct and communally own housing that is removed from the volatility of the market
  • Believe that another world is possible

The urban obviously functions, then, as an important site of political action and revolt. The actual site characteristics are important, and the social re-engineering of territorial organization of these sites is a weapon in political struggles.